8.5 inch LCD Writing Tablet

MOQ: 1pcs

Piece weight:130g
Material:ABS frame,LCD screen
Power:Replacable CR2020 button battery
Writing Pressure:100-200g
Usage:Business/ Kids Gift, office Memo Pad,message note board
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Day

  • TAG : 8.5 inch kids drawing board
  • SKU : 100000pcs
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  • What is lcd writing tablet?
    Lcd writing tablet can bring writing and drawing experience similar to real paper. It uses battery power to erase the contents of the drawing board with one click button, it can replace the battery,make the continue usage.Not only the writing precision is extremely high, but also different effects can be displayed according to the strength and size. An erasure lock key is also added to avoid data deletion caused by inadvertently pressing the erase key during use.

  • Traditional habits: chalk, dust, eye, nose, throat, lungs, and immune system; pencil paper waste, time accumulation, serious waste, consumption of resources; toxic color pigments, including formaldehyde, ethanol, hurt the skin and reduce the immune system; cell phone affects children Vision, lack of hands-on ability...


      1, Non-toxic and environmentally friendly health eraser board: It can be used as educational toy, dictation board, calculation paper, drawing board, message board...
      2, no oil, no ink, dust, pressure painting, a key to clear, environmental health, anti-fall resistance.
      3, reuse, save resources, save 20 trees of 10 age trees in one lifetime, add green to the earth...

    Function and Effect

    1: Use as family message board, office memo pad, digital note board, for family members to remind each other, help children to learn and draw.
     2: Business records for office workers, assignments practice, record of meeting memo and messages.
     3: As a daily communication tool for the deaf and the elderly, deaf and mute people share their thoughts through the tablet.
    4: As a model for children to learn to write and draw, graffiti board, calculate mathematics, memorize words and practice writing.
    The future smart tablet will completely replace the traditional blackboard, replacing the traditional paper. This will bring about a revolution in the future education industry in China. Traditional classroom blackboards written on chalk will gradually become history.


    1. Use the electronic pen's own pen to write and draw. Different pen pressures produce different line thicknesses.
    2. Press the Clear key to clear the contents of the tablet. The screen will flicker when cleared.

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