There is a kind of paper called LCD paper that gives you a real paper writing experience

The invention of electronic ink has had a profound influence on printing and reading. Because of the comfortable experience that is very close to paper reading, readers who are obsessed with reading in physical books occasionally use Kindle instead of physical books. In contrast, there is no digital product that can bring a writing or hand-painting experience like real paper, but the GY-industries board's LCD paper tablet is changing the situation.

1.Eraser function: GY-industries lcd writing baord can erase the specified part of the content, just like an eraser. The method is simple. Press and hold the partial erase button, then use the eraser on the stylus to erase.

2. One-button clear screen: You can restore the screen by tapping the button.

3. translucent Linyi: translucent LCD screen can be used as a Linyi board! It comes with two styles of copy paper, which you can cover on pictures, documents and even electronic screens. You can save a new amount of money by painting a newbie or trying to practice a word. we have transparent writing board.

4. Lock function: Turn the lock button to the right to start, prevent accidental pressing of the clear screen button and ruin your great artistic creation.

5. stylus pen: every tablets have attached 1 pen.

6. pen tray adsorption: stylus can be absorbed in the pen slot, you can also use the rope to hang on the hole, eliminating the troubles of Ma Daha people looking for a pen.

7. Rubber anti-skid pad: There are two rubber anti-slip pads on the back and bottom of the tablet, which effectively stabilize the drawing board on the desktop.

8. Acquiring and saving the draft: In the era of various electronic archives, there is no function of saving and sharing. Isn't it too tasteless? Just download the app, your work or the inspiration you can write at any time, you can take a photo and save it. You can also edit it before saving.

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