To learn and play, GY-industries children's LCD smart tablet

Write and draw pictures, which can be said to be the nature of every child. As usual, we provide paper or small blackboard to prevent them from scribbling on the wall. Although these two ways can really avoid such troubles, they are well known. I know that the former will waste paper very much, and the latter will let dust fly everywhere. These have little harm to the health of children, especially some like to put them directly into their mouths. It is very insecure.

In the face of such problems, we also thought about finding a reassuring painting product. After a lot of explore and test, Senwok launch children's LCD smart tablet recently. Not only can the children be able to write and write on the above, but also in the safety and health aspects are also very assured, with zero radiation, no eye injury, etc., the most important thing is also equipped with a flexible LCD screen, plus pressure sensing technology, can use natural light to present the writing effect, and there is no trace of damage to the children.

GY-industries smart LCD tablet is similar in design to the common tablet design, with an 8.5-inch flexible LCD screen, through the pressure sensing technology, and then use natural light to present the writing effect, the tablet is good for children's eyes. It will not cause any radiation damage, and also prevent children from accidentally swallowing. It can be said it is very safe.

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